With local and international manufacturers and suppliers we offer for your company: Needle, Ball, One-Way and Level Valves. Flow visors and peepholes, Flujometers, Rotometers, Thermodynamic Traps, Thermopores, among others, even with our local suppliers we attend and evaluate engineering designs that fit the specific needs of our customers.

We supply and distribute different types of equipment and instrumentation and measurement for the oil industry of the most recognized brands in the market, including pressure gauges, Industrial Temperature Controllers, Loggers, Process Transmitters, Temperature Sensors (Thermocouples and Thermistors), selenoid valves for gas and steam and industrial control, ignition systems for burners (programmers, sensors or flame detectors) Furnace control systems (temperature controllers) and boilers (cut and modulation pressure switches) , Transformers and electrodes for ignition, Thermostats and Pressure Switches, Tachometers, controllers, timers, sirens (process control and other variables), Level controls, flow switches, Control boards for instrumentation and control. We also offer Data Acquisition Systems and Digital Measurement Equipment.