Eng. Mayerlin Bermudez Commercialization VP Industrial Engineer with different specializations in the area of industrial safety, such as OSHA guidance, preventive management techniques, study of accident statistics and occupational health and safety management indicators, spill control (environmental sanitation, among others. She has 17 years of experience at a professional level, she has served in high-level administrative positions, with solid knowledge in the administration area.
MSC. Héctor Rodríguez Operations and Services Manager Petroleum Engineer graduated from the University of Zulia with more than 19 years of service, with a Master's Degree in Business Management in the area of Operations Management.
Lcda. Ana Leis Sales Manager Professional with more than 15 years of continuous, solid and extensive experience in the commercial area. Her professional growth has been coupled with the performance of different positions within the sales area.
MSC. Maibelys Lizarzabal General Manager COL Computer Engineer, with a Master's Degree in Telematics, with more than 18 years of experience in management positions, at the beginning she was dedicated to the area of Telecommunications and ICTs.
TSU. Maria Rivera Marketing manager Professional with more than 5 years of experience in the area of Graphic Design and Advertising, with specializations in the area of Digital Marketing and Branding. She has knowledge directed at the Projection of Industrial Corporate Brands.
Eng. Katiuska Gonzalez Coord. Industrial West Sales Petroleum engineer with 10 years of experience in different areas, standing out in the area of sales and business development with participation in large projects such as the Chevron project with the Entech Supply company in the sale of 200 drill bits as a business developer.
Eng. Ylmer Merchan Coord. Sales East Base +16 years of experience through different Well and Drilling Services positions such as Service Engineer and Drilling and Workover Engineer, Business Development Advisor and Project Manager for Onshore Drilling Operations.
TSU. Alexis Bracho Coord. West Oil & Gas Sales TSU in Geology, drilling fluid specialist with more than 25 years in the management of Drilling Fluids, Rehabilitation, in addition to a high experience in the management of Solid Control Operations, Operations and Environmental Maintenance.
Arch. Jhanmary Castro Marketing and Design Analyst Architect with extensive knowledge in Architectural Design, Urban Landscaping and Interior Design in field and office. Knowledge in the area of graphic design and advertising. Graduated from Rafael Urdaneta University.
MSC. Nelson Perez Engineering manager Oil expert in the area of Drilling and Completion of wells with more than 25 years of successful international experience in more than 4 countries, occupying various technical roles of leadership, planning and design of well drilling in the Oil & Gas industry.
MSC. Ricardo Chona BD Colombia / Expert Reservoir Engineer He graduated as a Petroleum engineer from Montana Tech in 1988, and began his career as a field engineer with Texaco E&P in Colombia, South America.