Petroleum Equipments

We offer a great diversity of materials and products for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, from the most recognized and quality brands in the market, from the hand of a team of experts in the oil area who are willing to provide the most appropriate solution to your need.

We have a large stock of products among which are:

  • Perforating pipe.
  • Completion piping.
  • Centralizers.
  • Liners.
  • Shoes.
  • And more.
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We have different materials and products for drilling activities, starting with safety with personal protective equipment and all kinds of tools and equipment that will make your daily activities faster, more efficient and safer.


For production activities, we have hydrocarbon lifting equipment, accessories for conventional and special completions, production heads and other equipment that guarantee the reliability of operations and the placement of the barrel in the tank.


For the activities of separation of hydrocarbons, transport and finally its processing, we also have for your company various equipment, materials and electrical, mechanical and instrumentation tools that will add to your operations safety and provide the reliability and operability that you need.