We have a wide range of top-quality chemicals for the preparation and maintenance of drilling, repair and completion fluids, with which we work daily in field operations, whether with a drill or rigless.

With our business partner, TurboChem brings leading technology solutions in control of severe and very severe circulation losses with products such as EZ Squeeze® and SweeLCM®.

We offer you a wide range of equipment and accessories to assemble your drill pans and achieve the programmed objectives. We have rimpers, expanders, Crossover, Stabilizers, Bars, Extra-heavy, Drilling and drilling pipe, which are manufactured according to international API standards and following customer requirements in terms of grade, weight and thread type.

Thinking about your need, we provide all kinds of tubulars for the design of the wells and depending on the objectives of covering the different areas crossed by the wick and adapted to the salt or sour environments that may arise. Our liners range from 4-1/2" to 20", in addition to providing couplings and accessories such as necks and shoes, we also have production pipe from 2-3/8" to 3-1/2". They are designed according to international API regulations and following the customer's requirements in terms of grade, weight and type of thread. We also provide cabs for pumping equipment, polished bars and cab centrals.

We supplement all types of heads, including sections of liner heads, pipe and production head, we also have all the equipment of the Drill Safety System such as BOP ringers, bop of frogs, BOP for cabs, and accessories such as liner and pipe hangers, gate valves, shock valves and plugs.

With our business partner, Strox System, we provide meshes for high quality solids control equipment, service life, durability and maximum reliability. Our meshes are compatible with all major brands of solids control management equipment found in today's changing global market.

We offer all kinds of tools and consumables designed specifically for field operations with drilling equipment, repair and services to wells, continuous pipe, snubbing unit, force wrenches, elevators, chains, shackles, large gauge hand tools, greases, oils and lubricants, as well as air, water and oil belts and filters for the generators of each equipment.

We provide a wide range of equipment suitable to the demands, needs and nature of each company, in addition we offer the best advice and sale for the correct choice of Personal Protection Equipment to use. Within the PPE we offer we have carolina and carnaza gloves, helmets, normal panties and fireflies, safety boots, earplugs, protective lenses for day and night, safety mask, among others.



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